Wall or Door?

​CHIC Gist

I had an awesome and fruitful weekend. I hope you did too! It was nice seeing some of you this weekend.

Today, I want to ask you a simple question that you have to answer sincerely to yourself and do what’s necessary accordingly.

Are you a wall or a door?

The question sounds quite simple, yeah? Are you a wall or door?

Let’s examine the wall. You’ll agree with me that you can’t walk through a wall…well except you are a ghost in a movie. If you want to create a path through a wall then you must be ready to totally take of the wall, destroy the beauty of the wall for you to be able to pass through. That’s a wall for you.

A door has interesting features that makes it different from the wall. You can walk through it anytime. Even if it is locked, all you have to get is the key, or palm scan, retina scan, access code or any form of access ‘key’. Different doors have their access modes.

I ask again are you a door or a wall?

Let’s relate this to sexual matters. You are a door if  you allow every Tochukwu, Dade and Hassan to have their way with you as soon as they dangle a ‘key’ before you. 

For some it’s suya and soft drink, for some, all it takes is a trip to Domino Pizza and Cold Stone. Some, a shopping spree will do, and for some a new gadget will work the access codes. Oh yeah, and for some, all it takes have them is to dangle the key of ‘I love you’ or ‘I will marry you’ before them, and they open like the door. But really, is that all you are worth?

But I am faithful to just one partner”you say. Okay. But has he married you? If he hasn’t he doesn’t have any business with your body. 

“I know he loves me”, you say, If he values you enough, why can’t he wait?

Incase you don’t know, or you have forgotten, or you don’t even believe it anymore, allow me remind you, you are a  priceless jewel!

My dear, don’t be deceived, real men protect the lady’s virtue. If that guy isn’t doing same to yours, please flee.

Please be like the wall, that stands firm no matter what is thrown at it.

Oh, what if I am the one that want him to touch me and do things with me, you say. Well, it just implies you don’t know how much you are worth and I am willing to let you know, no matter what your past story may be. You have a priceless worth!

Decide to live like you know you are priceless tomorrow and always.

I love you!

It’s not a cliché, I mean it!!



PS: if you’ll like to talk, please feel free to buzz me.

PPS: to the guys getting this, please share with the ladies around you.

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