#wifenotcook, feminism, marriage palava

Hey dear, how have you been? Good i hope? If not, like i like to advise, find someone you know can help you and spill. It helps.

So, recently I have been seeing a lot of unnecessary things on the internet, not like that’s breaking news anyway but I am particularly fascinated at the level of misplaced priority these days.

#wifenotcook is one trend I saw sometime ago and I wonder what that implies.

In my love for the female folks, I wanted to see the hash tag to mean ‘Don’t treat me like a cook, I am your wife’. But I started seeing things about ladies talking about not needing to know how to cook! What?!
I am an African, Nigerian specifically and Ladies are expected to know how to cook. Beyond this background, why wouldn’t a lady want to know how to cook?(why shouldn’t a guy too know how to? I know, but I am talking to ladies now)

Is it because she just wants to rebel against the feminine nurturing ability or what is the reason? Is it really about this equality thing.

Equality is a biblical concept and there is no issue with that, i wish i can say the same for sameness, which seem to be the misplaced focal point of some feminist movement.

The female and male are equal before God, but they definitely aren’t same. Very soon we will wake up to see

#wifenotbabybirther… That goes without saying that the male folks to have also pushed out the #husbandnotATM hashtag. Funny! But since this is a female -oriented blog, I’ll keep my focus on the ladies.

Ladies, please enjoy a guy opening the door for you, enjoy all the pleasantries that a guy might throw your way, yet live life strong. Stop living life trying to prove a point..yeah, trying…because eventually you don’t prove anything.

Rather, enjoy the difference God has called you to add to life and within that strength you will be respected and treated with dignity.

I hear the #wifenotcook is a feminist movement, which I beg to disagree. Many of these so called feminist movement have no clue about what feminism is about. All there are up for is to cause societal, cultural and a times even family breakdown. Feminism isn’t about this.

Feminism focuses on how the female folks, mothers, sisters, ladies, daughters can be treated with respect, dignity and as well as accorded the same opportunity as every guy is, without a feeling of fear or favour.

Obviously those involved in the #wifenotcook and #husbandnotATM campaign do not understand the concept of marriage, if they do, such ridiculous concepts won’t flood their hearts.

Just for the guy that might read this, many times I hear people say, “it is a man’s world”, I don’t know if that fits scriptural view (please tell me if it does), except maybe if we consider that the devil- male- is the god of this world, then that might fit a little. God didn’t make mistake in creating two genders – male and female – no middle zone, so stop treating the females like some extra load you have to just manage or share your space on earth with.

If together we find our place in the whole scheme of things and we walk in it, the world will be less in a state of hullabaloo that is being experienced now.

God made them male and female… #istandwiththat!, what about you?

I love you,


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