MOTHER-CHILD | Tarila Ajuesi

Mother’S POV

My baby.

He’s all grown up now, He just got promoted at work last week, judging by how he’s faring now, he’s obviously doing better without me. I remember the day he came to this world looking all cute and lost, the felt him in my arms, his heartbeat against my chest, his tiny cry when hungry- that was pure joy.

Child’s POV

She gave me up for adoption; I keep wondering why. I don’t even know what she looks like. I can’t help the feeling of how life would have been a lot easier if she were here, if she chose me. Well I don’t care anymore, for all it’s worth, she’s probably dead. Growing up in a home for boys has definitely taught me that I don’t need her.

Mother’s POV

I’ll take a chance; make him know that I love him, what have I got to lose? I hope he forgives me.

I call him; ‘hello’. Silence. I can hear him breathing on the other side, I can’t do this.I should try calling him again, I need him to know. Phone rings; ‘Hello’ he says. With a trembling voice I reply, ‘It’s your mom’.

The line went dead.

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