3 Simple Ways to Develop Healthy Reading Habits

  • First, be a healthy person
  • Keep an open mind
  • Maintain an organized space

Hello! I hope you’re doing well. If you’re currently reading this, then it’s likely you are very interested in reading and improving your reading habits, which I commend. They say, knowledge is power, isn’t it? And the more you read or study, the more you know. Moving forward, I’ll be sharing 3 simple ways to develop healthy reading habits that have worked for me and that I hope works for you too. They are very simple and you don’t have to be in school or studying for an exam to practice them. We all learn everyday anyway.

1. Be an overall healthy person

This is the very first and important means to develop a healthy reading habit. You should maintain your mental health by sleeping well and feeding your mind with things that edify your mind and lift your spirit. It cannot be overemphasized that your brain is where your mind is, and is the seat of everything else you do throughout the day.

It also plays a very integral part in how we read or study and remember what we read.

Personally, while reading a random book or studying, I have learned to create visual images of whatever I’m reading in my head and make it personal. The brain helps us do that, which is why it is essential for the mental health to be maintained. Sleep well (at least 6-8 hours a day), feed your body with essential nutrients, snack healthy, work out as often as you can and see yourself feeling good and having a better disposition towards yourself and towards life.

This leads to my next point

2. Keep an open and positive mind

Ir’s best you keep an open and positive mind towards whatever you would like to read or study. This is especially important if you’re studying for an exam and you don’t have a choice on what to study.

Yes, you heard the lecturer is strict, you heard the material is difficult, you heard people fail that class a lot. Now take all those thoughts and dump them behind you because you don’t need them. All these thoughts would clog your mind and would prevent you from getting the most out of your study time. Learn to free up your mind of anything negative that would affect your reading or study.

While it is not bad (but even advisable) to take useful advice from others who have probably taken that course or used that material, it can be harmful to let their negative information poison your mind. Study well in advance, pray, and confess the word of God, that you are not a failure, over your life.

If Daniel and his friends in the Bible could do it, you can too!


3. Maintain an organized space

This last one may seem irrelevant but it is important to how well we study or read in general. You should keep and maintain an organized study space. If you have a study desk, keep it clean and organized, at least before you begin your study. If you study in your room, desk or not, make sure the room is organized.

When things are not so organized in your study environment, it might be a little bit harder for your brain to concentrate on your reading because things are not in order. Imagine everything in a clumsy room or desk as moving objects, then imagine yourself trying to study for a huge exam in that room or on that table. Not too palatable, right? Even if you’re just reading for pleasure, don’t you want to fully capture the roles of the characters you’re reading? Your lighting environment for studying is also very important.

An ideal reading environment should be well lit. Not too much light, but just enough for you to see clearly.

As much as you can, avoid reading with a flashlight. Your eyes get tired easily with that kind of environment.

Here are three important things to help you develop healthy reading habits. I hope you learned something.

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