Picking Your Nose?

Nose picking (rhinotillexis) is generally considered a bad habit or permit me to say an extremely disgusting habit. A definition of nose picking says it is “the insertion of a finger (or other object) into the nose with the intention of removing dried nasal secretions”. The dried nasal secretions cause discomfort and unease which leads to the urge to pick your nose. But carrying out this act in public is considered offensive, therefore, it’s best you pick your nose in private if you really have to do it.

What Happens When You Pick Your Nose?

Picking your nose leaves the door open for bacterial infections. In the process of inserting your finger into your nostrils, your finger nails cause bruises. These bruises bleed and your blood gets in contact with germs. These germs lead to respiratory tract infections.

Also, picking your nose can also lead to nose bleed- rupturing a blood vessel in the process of nose picking. Nose bleed could also result from respiratory tract infections caused by nose picking.

After picking your nose, your finger (hands) will carry germs which you will introduce to wherever or whoever you come in contact with with your hands.

What To Do?

Instead of picking your nose, reach for a tissue to ease your discomfort. And if you really have to use your fingers, do so in private and don’t forget to wash your hands.

Do you pick your nose in public? You should stop the habit now.

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