3 Mistakes Guys Make

Ever gone on a date with a guy and came back irritated?

Ever talked to a guy and the ‘forensic’ odour keeps the worms in your stomach overactive?

Well, for guys these days, they take it as a normal thing, which is basically wrong.

Let’s talk about three mistakes guys make.

1. Nonchalance

This is almost on the top of every list. They never care about so many things. They believe they’re guys and so they don’t need it. Really? That has become an anthem suddenly. You find most guys who can’t cook, wash or even keep the house clean. They’re probably waiting for their wives to come on in one future time. This is a great mistake. What happens when his wife takes ill? What happens when his wife is on a business trip? Think on these things.

2. They overlook so many things

This would top the list too. You go on a date with a guy and you hear something like “Are you on your period?”. Yes. That’s in no way right. An average girl would be confused on how to react and meanwhile the guy takes it as a normal question. Guy! There are certain questions that shouldn’t be asked. Take for example, you want to see him, you agree to meet at a particular place and after saying all you wanted to see him for, he’s like “Is that why you called to see me?”. That is the most hurtful question I’ve had to answer in my relating with guys.

3. Too conscious of time

This is another mistake guys make. There are times you have to be just time conscious and not ‘too’ conscious. Ever had a best friend who’s a guy and you tell him virtually all that goes on with you and you want to see him and he responds with “I won’t be available until next week, can it wait?”. Guy, you’re busy and we’re busy too. If we’re friends just like we claim, your busy schedule should have time for me too. Now, I’m not saying you should be slack with time but I’m just saying that there are certain times that are sensitive and you have to take it delicate. What if she has an emotional issue? What if there’s a quick issue she wants you to help her with? What if it.s a matter of life and death?

All being said, it is also important to note that not all guys can be found guilty of these. There are exceptions, but to those it applies to, they can always work on it.

What other mistake do guys make that pisses you off? Use the comment box and let’s discuss it.

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