Christ Died, So?

What’s the big deal about Christ dying?
The last place I heard this question was in my heart.
He probably should have left my sinful self to die like that.
He should have let the normal physical death be the end and then we have no life after death.
Or He should have just let us enjoy the merry and sorrow of the world.
But what then is the big deal?!
That Christ’s death was victory over death to us!
That we were dead in him and have become new creatures!
That OLD THINGS have passed away and we’re new in Him!
That He died so he could ABIDE in us and we in Him!
That we could have to ourselves the Holy Spirit!
My heart got these answers too.
However, the big deal been seen, the only thing we ought to do as Christians is to make sure His dying doesn’t become effortless by leaving the CANOPY OF GOD!
The only way a man can enjoy this benefit is by DWELLING IN GOD.
And yes, this is the BIG DEAL!

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