How to Properly Apply Perfumes

We all love to smell nice; I definitely love to. So we have our different body sprays, roll-ons e.t.c, basically we all have our preferred perfumes. We apply our perfumes and realize that in less than two hours, the perfume is gone, our nice aura is expired.

Some of us blame it on the perfumes without realizing that we applied the perfumes wrongly, mostly by just putting it on our cloths.
The best way to apply perfumes to get long-lasting effect is to apply it on the skin immediately after bath because the body absorbs perfume better then due to open pores.

Be sure to dry your skin and apply your preferred body oil or petroleum jelly so the perfume can stick.

Perfumes should be applied to places in the body referred to as pulse points. Pulse points are places where your perfume goes on and acts at its highest level.

When using body sprays, make sure you hold the spray about 5-7 inches away from your body. If its not a spray type, you can dab the perfume on your pulse point. You could put some in your hair too.

Pulse points include the following areas:

  • Behind your ears/ below the ear lobes
  • The dips behind the collar bone
  • Inside of your elbows
  • On your wrists
  • In your belly button
  • Behind your knees

While picking your sprays make sure you pick what suits you. Smell good

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