Dear, I Know You Hurt

​Hello Dear, 

I know you hurt but please don’t stay hurt.

Okay, let me back track a little.

Many people see you and they don’t know the burden you carry in your heart. The scars that your clothe cover. Many do not see it.

Many do not see the perversion in your heart because of the action of those ‘trusted’ male friends of yours, and oh yeah, I know your girl friend too played a part.

Though many do not understand the reason for your anger, I feel and understand you. Anger has become the way you have come to cope with the hurt that constantly gnaws at you.

Oh, I see those times you are in the shower and you are trying to wash…no..scratch off every trace of the pain from your body. You scrub and scrub,  hoping the tears will be the solvent for the hardness you feel in your heart, but it stays undissolved.

My Love, I see the exuberant game face you give to people and that’s all they see but you know there is more than that.

You still wish Dad didn’t mess up and you are upset with him. You still wonder how mum could have walked away. You have asked yourself  if you weren’t wanted enough to make her stay.

know you hurt, but I don’t want you to stay hurt.

See, the pain in your heart resonates with me. I feel your pain, and I do know the depths of your hurt and I want to help.

I want to help you heal.

I want to help you move past this pain and live life fully without the burden

Cast your care upon me. Everything. I am able to deal with it.

I want to give you a new spirit to help you forgive that silly person.

I want to empower you to be able to see the good that I am set to bring out from this seeming mess.

I love you and I am ensuring that all things work together for good. The devil may throw these things at you and he might think He is winning, but c’mon dear, we can make him wish he didn’t try you.

Let’s turn the table around.

Let that tears give way to joy!

Let that guilt give way to confidence.

Let that fear vanish in the presence of faith

Let that anger give way to hope and forgiveness.

Let that hurt give way to a means to help others.

I am able to make all things work together for you.

I can soothe that pain, and you will be as good as new.

Will you allow me do this for you.

I know you hurt, but please don’t stay hurt.

Your One True Love, a.k.a healer of broken hearts,

PS:  “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit” Psalm 34:18 “He heals the heartbro­ken and ban­dages their wounds.” Psalm 147:3.

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