Like Mother, Like Daughter

Living with mom is fun. Those who have a close relationship with their mothers will relate well to this. Some of us who share the same size with our mums would try on their clothes, shoes, and eventually claim them as ours, leaving our mums upset, even though they are secretly excited that they can share with us.

My mum tells me how people will start to say “ariya aromo” whenever I suggest that we wear the same thing or even when I borrow her bag to church. If you can’t fit into the same size of clothes or shoes with your mum, you can at least collect her jewelries, body sprays, and other things, and she’ll just leave them for you.

When you have things to buy and you need an available shopping partner, trust your mother to be there for you. She might use her adult mentality on what to buy but you’ll still be glad she’s there with you. Added to the fact that she’ll add more money to the amount you have with you so you get to buy more.

Sometimes we have issues that we want to talk about and she’s forever there to listen to whatever it is we have to say, no matter how useless it is. Sometimes, they pretend to be tired of what we are saying but the truth is they are glad we opened up to them. For the quiet ones who do not gist with their moms, your presence makes them really happy, they are just happy that you’re there. They always have encouraging words that will push you to do better and make them proud. And you do this knowing they’ve got your back.

Prayer partner!!! My mom enjoys calling me to pray with her often. Some of us have moms that first thing in the morning they come to wake us up with prayers. You might find this annoying but you’ll note that on days they don’t do that, you get scared and thus it’s your turn to pray for her. And mothers can pray for long ehn, you’ll think it won’t end. Sometimes, you come together just to pray for your family at large. Its great praying with mothers.

It’s our family month in Voice Of Worth, an opportunity to remind our mothers (or the mother figure in your life) how much you love her today, knowing fully well that our mothers go out of their way to see that we get the best of everything (kudos!!! To them).

You can also share ways in which your mum has been a blessing to you, or how close you are with her, or any kind of special bond you feel you share with her.