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Subomi complained to Mr. Frank about how Mide, her boyfriend, confessed to feeling less of a Man when she does things he ought to do. I don’t understand what that means, but after listening to her side of the story, Mr. Frank arrived at a conclusion: Stay Vulnerable for him. It nurses his ego. If Society dictated this, I don’t want to have anything to do with it. In fact, I hate it already!

Babe, are you understanding too? Is it not supposed to be like the coolest thing in the world? Don’t they think it is hot? Oya wait, let’s examine this whole female vulnerability thing (on my own terms biko). Mide wants that Subomi cries out in fear when her wristwatch stops working. That would at least stir up the Superman in Mide to fly down from his house to fix Mide’s wristwatch. Nonsense upon ingredient.

Don’t they see it? Don’t they see how beautiful it is to match up with the strength of one’s partner? Babe, can’t they see?

Many feel Women won’t submit when trained to live up to their maximum strength; only the weak would entertain such thoughts.

My Strength as a Woman is in my ability to Submit. I would be a weakling to run away from such strength. I won’t call myself a King. No. I see it as an insult to my being. I AM A QUEEN, and the King stands as my spokesman. He hears from me, and relays my words with authority to the world.

Ask him, I have been endowed with everything to make My King stand. I am his legs, he staggers when I leave. I am his eyes, he only sees the light in things when I help him see them.. if not, ask those that come to me before going to him. I am God’s own gift to him, ask the book of Proverbs in Chapter 19 v 14 that says that Houses and Riches are inherited, but a Woman who is Prudent is from the Lord.

I am a package of Favour. Why is that? Because I have accepted to live up to my abilities.

My heart, have they seen the dream we shared whilst staring at the river to see the night’s stars? Have they seen how you want your friend to call you that they saw your Wife fixing her tyres? I remember you said they would sound worried and state 101 reasons why a lady shouldn’t fix her tyres herself. Do you remember the reply you said you would give them, amid wearing your proud smile…? ‘That’s my baby girl’.

Let the Kids call you in the office to tell you something sparked in the wire connection section, let it be that when you call, our conversation would be:

Hubby: Hey Pretty! How are you holding up there?

Pretty: Look who missed me

Hubby: You live in my heart, you know. Dannie told me something happened to the wires, you up to the task?

Pretty: Aiy captain! Your baby girl got it fixed.

Hubby: I trust my other half. Kisses. The next time it goes off, holla at your boy. I am always at your service.

Pretty: You’on have a choice though. We are stuck. 😂
I love you. Come home soon.

Hubby: Inhales… I can’t wait. Bye, babe.

Yeah..that conversation!

Then when it happens that you come home to see the house dark, know that I am still in that section getting things done. Smile, loosen your tie, roll up your sleeve and chuckle at the sight of me on the stool. I’d smile back, then I would know my King is around to take over. Not that I would have to wait to do nothing till you arrive. I know us too well.

All these and more.

‘While you protect and defend our territory, let me be your lioness, let me defend against our cubes’.

None of these would lower my abilities, my love. None of this would make you lesser than a Man should be.

Only a weak man would degrade a Woman to prove himself strong.

I am Olajumoke. This is how it ought to be.
I love you very much.


Written By: Olajumoke Omolale

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5 thoughts on “Olajumoke’s Slate | My Only Adam

  1. I agree completely. Following the society’s standards or policies would leave individuals and families dysfunctional.

  2. Wow
    This is good
    I agree with you
    I am learning how to be submissive to authorities now that I am single
    I am a QUEEN, QUEENS do not fight with a king to sit on a the throne
    A Queen has her own assignment which is to raise children who would inherit the kingdom

    I love you ma for writing this, God bless you

  3. I couldn’t pass this by! I enjoyed reading this and that convo, I lav it!!

    A question though, anything wrong if I am just not the ‘handy’ lady (not like every guy is anyway). What if I actually wait for my king to return to fix the plumbing cos last time I did I broke the whole water pipe? Or What if I call in the electrician and spend our money rather than wait on him? What if…?

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