Try Again; Don’t Stay Low

There is this statement I heard recently from a friend that says “God is a God of second chance”. I had to ponder over the statement over and over again.

This simply means God gives another chance to TRY AGAIN. And the truth is when someone is being advised to try again, such must have probably made a mistake or fallen/failed in one thing or the other.

In life, we all experience failure at one point or the other. Nevertheless, we need to rise above our failures.

When you meet successful pastors, businessmen/women, scholars, etc, they definitely won’t talk say their success stories without talking about times they fell or failed. But if they had given up while they fell/failed, they wouldn’t have reached the point they are today.

Also, remember whatever situation you find yourself is meant to strengthen you and make you better. Someone who has once fallen or failed will be more conscious of not falling again.

Yes, failing shouldn’t define you, rather, make positive construction out of it.

Even when you fall physically and got badly injured, do you just leave the wound unclean? Of course not. You try to clean up when necessary or even take drugs/injections if worse; the wound might even get worse if not treated urgently and well.

Exactly what you should do when you fall in any aspects of your life. At times, it might not be easy. Yes, it may come with much pains & injuries, don’t hesitate to find solutions.

There are times when you fall or fail, all you could is to stand quickly, smile and move on. There are also times you fall and will have to cry profusely. But remember, you shouldn’t be on the spot of your falling forever.

Did you just fall into that sin again? Try to rise again by seeking for God’s help. You can surely live a righteous life.
Did you fail academically? Try to study again and not give up.
Did you just lose a job? Try applying for another and do not lose hope.

Whatever the situation, simply rise up and TRY AGAIN because God has given you a second chance.