‘I found myself wanting people to touch me that way again.’ – Unmasked #3 (GAGA2019)

It all started when I was about 5 or 6 years old. My mum had to pay a friend a visit and she had to go with us, her children, and for us to get to our destination, we needed a motorcycle so we flagged one down.

We boarded the motorcycle and I had to sit in front of the driver. This guy fingered me until we got to our destination which was about a 30-minute drive. I can’t really remember how long it was but it was long. It was uncomfortable but I couldn’t say anything because at first, I thought he was trying to shield me from falling.

I thought that was going to be the end of it but as I grew older, I found myself wanting people to touch me that way again. I found it difficult to bathe and dress a male child without playing with him so I had to stay far away from little boys when they are naked.

When I was a little more older, it became worse for me as I could not look at a man without looking below his belt. That was practically the first thing I looked at when I saw a man and I was almost raped twice.

I had to seek help and I’m happy I eventually got one.


This is the third story we have received for the Guys Against Girl Abuse #GAGA campaign this year. The theme this is: Unmask and we would like to invite abuse survivors and ex-abusers to share their stories.

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