7 Types of Friends You Should Have

“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend”

Proverbs 27:17

You probably have one of these as a friend; maybe you are even reading this blog post with one of them. Let’s get right to it!


This is that friend that always asks you “have you told God about it”? They are all about Jesus.

Whenever you bring an issue to them, on your knees straight.

They can carry your matter for head in the place of prayer.

Your music library is probably full of all the praying voice notes the prayo-friend have sent to you.


This is your aspire to acquire friends.

They are the #MotivationMonday fams.

If you have any goal that you are feeling like you can’t achieve, your ginger friends are the ones that can ginger, encourage and even beat your head until you get it done.

The ginger friends are also the plug for any motivational conference in town.


They know where all the parties are happening within and outside town.

With the minister of enjoyment in your life, there is no dull moment.

Your first road trip was with them. It was them that made you have your first kiss. #YOLO is their favorite mantra.


You almost feel like they are your mum. They are always protecting you from one thing or the other.

The big sister is the one that can speak sense into your head when you head is heading in a funny direction.

They can tell you not to anywhere and you won’t go. They can command you and you will listen. You know they have your back anyday.


Their lips are forever sealed.

Whatever you tell the Chief Secret Keepers remains a secret forever.

They are the shoulder you can always rely on. When you need someone to pour your hearts to, you know the Chief Secret Keepers are always waiting.


These ones know all the boys everywhere. They are always talking with boys over the phone. Everyday, they are celebrating one boy on their WhatsApp status. Everywhere they go, the boys like them.

Mama for the boys probably introduced you to your first boo. Lol. Everybody needs a Mama for the boys.

They are the ones always giving you boy advice. You know them easily.


These are the friends that always have the money advice ready. They know what investment opportunity is available.

They are also particular about you being on a budget.

They are the ones always telling you to Save! Save!! Save!!!

The Walking Music Library: You have these ones to thank for all the songs on your playlist.

They seem to know all the songs in this world. They are the one always telling you the real lyrics of the songs you always chew on in church.

Some of them even know the year the songs were released and all the different covers of the song. Na wa!

Which of these friends do you have? Which of these friends are you? Which type of friend did I miss out? Drop your comment and please share.