Grooming a God-Class generation of females that will show forth the true definition of femininity 1Peter 2:9


To, by the help of the Holy Spirit, raise females that will in turn raise others in living out God’s intended purpose for femalehood. Isaiah 61:3-4

Features of G-Class girl

1. Jesus has her heart (a woman of worship); Jesus is her first love
2. She uses her knees well (praying woman)
3. She uses her lips well (no nay talking or talking down; teaches others)
4. Loves her make-up kit (bible study)
5. She has open hands (given to helping others)
6. She has a hungry mind (seeks to learn and grow)
7. She is earthly useful (seeks to know and actively pursues her life goal)
8. She loves her family (honours Ma and Pa)
9. She is strong, yet flexible
10. She has a teachable heart

What we do:

1. Helpmate Converge: Our forums, where we have live talks

Regulars include:

  • When ladies worship (our annual ladies worship forum)
  • G-Class girl: Training program

2. Voice of Worth with Aremo: Our online discussion and bible study platform on Whatsapp

3. Save A Foot (SAF): Our charity outreach program that majors on shoe distribution to less privileged children

4. CHIC (Crafted and Hidden in Christ): This is our quarterly magazine (in view)

5. Voiceofworth.com; online blog

Among other things

Reach us via our email address: voiceofworth@gmail.com

You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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