Olajumoke’s Slate | My Only Adam

My Strength as a Woman is in my ability to Submit. I would be a weakling to run away from such strength. I won’t call myself a King. No. I see it as an insult to my being. I AM A QUEEN, and the King stands as my spokesman. He hears from me, and relays my words with authority to the world.

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MOTHER-CHILD | Tarila Ajuesi

Mother’S POV My baby. He’s all grown up now, He just got promoted at work last week, judging by how he’s faring now, he’s obviously doing better without me. I remember the day he came to this world looking all cute and lost, the felt him in my arms, his heartbeat against my chest, his […]

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The 35word Fiction: Closer

Closer. I leaned towards her and watch her blush. In a second, her eyes were shut. I giggled and moved a little bit closer. There was a dirt on her forehead that I needed to clear. #35_words By Oluwatosin Kolawole Want to take the challenge to? Can you write a fiction of just 35words? Please […]

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FinaIly, he final episode. I’m sorry it cam. I decided to compress 2episodes in one. Thanks for your patience. Enjoy My goodness! The tears were rushing again. She kept running as fast as she could. Then the first person passed with this amused and somewhat confused look. It then hit her that she was done […]

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Two-Sided (IV)

Episode 4. He stared hungrily at her body. He laughed out loud. Unlike others that have different colour patches on their skin, this one’s skin was actually flawless. He ran his free hand through the side of her neck to her belly button. He laughed again as he watched her struggle. She was pinned in […]

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Episode 3 He quickly used his free hand to stifle her scream as he tightened his grip on her hair. Not likely anyone would hear them anyway, it was a park and people won’t normally come this way until the next 50-60mins. Pulling her to him by her hair, he carried her from behind, wrapping […]

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Episode 2 Things had seemed to be going on smoothly before now, but she seemed to be quiet jumpy today. Still walking in the shadows, he noticed she had stopped, he stopped too. If not for his quick reflexes, she might have seen him when she looked back while he was trying to climb down […]

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She moved as quickly as her leg could carry. She noticed her heart rate had increased and she knew it was not because of the distance she had covered jogging. She had covered more grounds on previous jogging times. Something wasn’t just quite right with the wind this morning. She passed a tree that seemed […]

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