Olajumoke’s Slate | My Only Adam

My Strength as a Woman is in my ability to Submit. I would be a weakling to run away from such strength. I won’t call myself a King. No. I see it as an insult to my being. I AM A QUEEN, and the King stands as my spokesman. He hears from me, and relays my words with authority to the world.

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The Perfect Lady By Elumide.

The perfect lady. I and my cousin was having a chat on the 6th of September 2016 and he asked what characteristics must a guy have before gaining my love. Then I gave him the features I would like to see in my future partner. He told me of a girl who listed the type […]

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A God-Class Bae.

A God class bae is a reflection of God’s glory. Her worth is not based on possession, achievement, physical attractiveness, material things, or friends thought, her worth is based on being God’s image. No one can determine a God class bae’s worth, not even her sibling or friends. Her reasoning, creativity, speech and determination are […]

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i am a weak vessel…by Tarie!

I’m a weak vessel, I cry over every little thing; even things that don’t require my tears. I’m a weak vessel. I’m a weak vessel; I am very smart but not encouraged because I’m a weak vessel. I’m a weak vessel; I celebrate whatever good thing that comes my way no matter how little. I’m […]

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My fears as a girl!

Going into this scary world as a girl, well soon to be a woman; I am scared. There are lots and lots of dangerous things in this world or so I’ve heard and no matter what I do they will find me; if I choose to be a bland girl to avoid being noticed I’ll […]

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A beautiful piece by Boluwatife. Enjoy. ME Just another girl who’s found the way Just another girl who’s trying to stay Tossed and turned, now she sways Over there she’s good, down here not so much Trying to please the ones she love When she’s to please the one who loves her the most She […]