Do Your Emotions Control You?

You have a mushy-gushy feeling for some guy and he is using it to take advantage of you, if you like being taken advantage of, enjoy the mushy feeling, but if you realize your self-worth and don’t want to be taken advantage of, with self discipline, take that emotion and steer it in a way that you please.

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Wall or Door?

​​CHIC Gist I had an awesome and fruitful weekend. I hope you did too! It was nice seeing some of you this weekend. Today, I want to ask you a simple question that you have to answer sincerely to yourself and do what’s necessary accordingly. Are you a wall or a door? The question sounds […]

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What should I do?

Hello grandpa, If you have a friend that has been advising you to have a boyfriend at a very young age, what should you do? -anonymous Hello dear, Thank you for reaching grandpa. There are actually two (2) basic things in your question and I trust to answer based on the way it is written. […]

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