5 Things to do to Grow Friendship

Here are 5 interesting ways to help grow friendship. Enjoy! 1. Listen Listen closely to what the other person is saying. Let that person know that you hear them. Ask clarifying questions. Summarize what you’ve heard. Though helpful, it does not always have to be through words. Eye contact and body language are also important […]

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3 Mistakes Guys Make

Ever gone on a date with a guy and came back irritated? Ever talked to a guy and the ‘forensic’ odour keeps the worms in your stomach overactive? Well, for guys these days, they take it as a normal thing, which is basically wrong. Let’s talk about three mistakes guys make. 1. Nonchalance This is almost […]

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Dare Me | My Old Flame Returns

My heart did a double flip! I blinked and stared from the comfort of being hidden behind the rows of shelf with toiletries neatly arranged on them. I was seeing right. It was really him. I felt very excited that I wanted to rush towards him and throw myself at him and experience his arms […]

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Man Of My Dreams Reality…

I was having a group date with a number of ladies that I hold dear to my heart, and as our discussions shifted from trivials to really important things, we got talking about some deep things. When we got to the matter of choosing life partner, one of them asked me “Bro Lekan, ah ah! […]

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