Christ Died, So?

What’s the big deal about Christ dying? The last place I heard this question was in my heart. He probably should have left my sinful self to die like that. He should have let the normal physical death be the end and then we have no life after death. Or He should have just let […]

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3 Mistakes Guys Make

Ever gone on a date with a guy and came back irritated? Ever talked to a guy and the ‘forensic’ odour keeps the worms in your stomach overactive? Well, for guys these days, they take it as a normal thing, which is basically wrong. Let’s talk about three mistakes guys make. 1. Nonchalance This is almost […]

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Originally posted on Juliana Olayode:
​Hey! I am shooting my first movie and I want you in it but I need to know how well you act. Please read on to know how to get in.? AUDITION DETAILS!? Please send your: 1. Bio 2. Head shot, and 3. 1 minute monologue video? TO Your…


Your Mirror Lies: How?

Originally posted on OLUWATOBI:
Do you know your mirror lies? I was on the road somewhere i cant remember right now when that dropped in my heart. “Do you know your mirror lies?” I started going through all the different quotes and sayings I have heard from teachers and preachers about a mirror always showing…

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