G-Class Girls

Hello! Guess who our G-Class girl is this week?
Adewusi Oluwafunmilayo
Funmi 1

What’s G-Class girl by the way?
There are classes of people, high class, low class, e-class, business class, X-class, first class…then there is the highest of them all; G-Class. That is God-Class.

A class belonging to those who are living as gods on earth. Living by the dictate of God the father and making impact in there ‘little’ sphere of influence. G-Class ladies are confident, intelligent, virtuous, resourceful, compassionate and ofcourse, God-crazy!

So once again I introduce you to Adewusi Oluwafunmilayo Elizabeth Aduragbemi. The beautiful young lady hails from Ondo, plans on studying mass communication. She is 18years old today!

She has a lovely voice,a very good actress. “I’m good at writting and I love designing and sketching”, she says. “I love music too. My nickname I’d Keytar, combination of keyboard and guitar, two instruments I’ll love to learn”.

I used to fear death and living my life without God. But now I know ‘With long life will He satisfy me’ and God has also promised me ‘I will never leave nor forsake you’, so I walk ith confidence.

Christian Journey
My journey in Christianity has been amazing. I’ve always known God since I was a child but I never really got to know Him until I was 16. When I joined MINE Teenage Ministry, my whole perspective of who God is just increased. I’d say I’m a much more better christian than I was years back. I’ll say I’m growing in Christ, I’m enjoying the process and I’ll keep wanting more of Him because one can never have enough of Him.

What I do
I’m a very talented young lady(grins) and I love to have an idea in every field of crafts.I make ankara and leather bags, ankara sandals, a little bit of neck beads, I bead on cloths too, lol. I’ll say I’m a jack of all trade but I’m sure to be a master of one and that’s fashion designing.
Funmi Middle

I started a crafts outfit called ‘Lizbeth’s crafts’ late last year which is not running fully yet but will soon. We make ankara and leather bags,wristbands, hairbows,and ankara sandals.

I currently work for mmn global\st Genevieve partime.and for HTC smartphone as a promoter full time.(lolz) Its quite tasking working in two different places at a time, but then I am a hard working young lady.

Funmi craft
Dreams and Aspirations
I plan to own fashion houses around the world where we make ready made dresses for people; male,female and children even baba arugbo(old men) and iya arugbo😀(old women). The reason for this is to create decent alternative for fashion.I want a place where you can get an amazing,trendy,fashionable clothing yet decent.😀

There are times I alk into a place to shop for a particular dress I like only to find that it exposes a little bit of this and that. I hope to solve this with my fashion house.

And I want to make people see that style is not about showing skin and to show them that you can still get a trendy look without losing your self respect.

I’m really working hard and smart no to put up the needed funds to start my clothing line. I however plan to go through a fashion school first, after which I’ll be better and refined! You kno ‘Pay now,play later’.

Another part of my dream is to be a ‘Hand to care’,to give,to love and to nuture people,especially children and teenagers. Giving is Something have learnt a lot from Mine Ministry and God is putting it in my heart more and more.

God is working on me and increasing d passion for giving in my heart and I trust him completely for finance and everything I’m gonna need to do that.I plan to do this by helping needy children with school fees,teenagers with exams fees,free cloths for children,free food,free snacks,free toys,free books,free everything that God can help me with and m getting der by his grace. I have started in my little way.

Word for Ladies
To my ladies, I want you to know that whatever you want out of life is achievable as long as you pursue it and make the right choices to make a difference.
Girls, its not all about our beauty but about what’s upstairs,the word of God you carry , about your character being pleasant because dey say ‘One penny for a bag of diamond.half a penny for a senseless beautiful damsel.’ Do you get the gist?

So carry God, He would make your life beautiful and you would get a full bag of diamonds.


Happy Birthday Oluwafunmilayo from all of us @ Voice of Worth!

5 thoughts on “G-Class Girls

    1. Of course jane, you could…do send your details and we’ll see what we can do about it. But most importantly, G-class girls are girls that have chosen by God’s standard only!

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