The Two Letter Word…

Looking back now, I believe it was quite logical for formal teaching to start of with pupils learning their A-Z, it seemed like all that mattered most then, only for it to turn out to be the building block for two letter words. That seemed thought at the beginning as we had to match ‘a’ […]

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What should I do?

Hello grandpa, If you have a friend that has been advising you to have a boyfriend at a very young age, what should you do? -anonymous Hello dear, Thank you for reaching grandpa. There are actually two (2) basic things in your question and I trust to answer based on the way it is written. […]

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Two-Sided (IV)

Episode 4. He stared hungrily at her body. He laughed out loud. Unlike others that have different colour patches on their skin, this one’s skin was actually flawless. He ran his free hand through the side of her neck to her belly button. He laughed again as he watched her struggle. She was pinned in […]

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Episode 3 He quickly used his free hand to stifle her scream as he tightened his grip on her hair. Not likely anyone would hear them anyway, it was a park and people won’t normally come this way until the next 50-60mins. Pulling her to him by her hair, he carried her from behind, wrapping […]

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She moved as quickly as her leg could carry. She noticed her heart rate had increased and she knew it was not because of the distance she had covered jogging. She had covered more grounds on previous jogging times. Something wasn’t just quite right with the wind this morning. She passed a tree that seemed […]

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Walk Into 2016!

Its the last day of the year and God has two major ‘words’ for us for 2016 1. God says ‘I LOVE YOU’. Rom8:18, rom 8:28. No matter what happens in 2016, never forget this point; GOD LOVES YOU! 2. Pursue your dreams with passion; Don’t let anything stop you in 2016! Please note these […]

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The Dragon Loyalty Award

Hey guys. Got a notification a few days ago that I had been nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by the graceful ‘wordsmithess’ Omooba of  blog. You like beautiful scripted word of life with no form of forming, that blog is indeed loaded. What’s the DRAGON’S LOYALTY AWARD about? The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is for the […]

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I came across this portion recently and it has been playing seriously in my heart. It’s a simple something that you must have heard wella. Permit me to join the voices to re-echo it into your ears! “You have planted much but harvest little. You eat but are not satisfied. You drink but are still […]

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