i am a weak vessel…by Tarie!

I’m a weak vessel, I cry over every little thing; even things that don’t require my tears. I’m a weak vessel. I’m a weak vessel; I am very smart but not encouraged because I’m a weak vessel. I’m a weak vessel; I celebrate whatever good thing that comes my way no matter how little. I’m […]

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I came across this portion recently and it has been playing seriously in my heart. It’s a simple something that you must have heard wella. Permit me to join the voices to re-echo it into your ears! “You have planted much but harvest little. You eat but are not satisfied. You drink but are still […]

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Avoid this kinda selfies

I used to laugh at the different poses that young people strike when they want to take selfie. There’s this lady’s pose where you cross the right leg over the left, then tilt your head to the left after which you either complete it with a pout or a lopsided smile. Then there’s the one […]

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