RAPE Talk: #self-defence

Tonight, on our whatsapp group, we had a lecture on RAPE and we’ll be sharing with you in this post. Feel free to leave COMMENTS/QUESTIONS You can send ‘VOW’ to 08177054160 to be a part of our whatsapp community. *TOPIC: RAPE* Rape or any form of sexual assault is a sensitive issue. I have friends […]

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i am a weak vessel…by Tarie!

I’m a weak vessel, I cry over every little thing; even things that don’t require my tears. I’m a weak vessel. I’m a weak vessel; I am very smart but not encouraged because I’m a weak vessel. I’m a weak vessel; I celebrate whatever good thing that comes my way no matter how little. I’m […]

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Sexual Urge Can Help You Worship!

“How many of you here have ever fallen in love before?” I looked around and found a few hands go up. “Okay, how many of you have had crushes before, crushes you thought can be named love?” I pressed further, I noticed more hands went up, satisfied I continued my questions. “Have you ever felt […]

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No Title

As a writer, I know it is important that the title used to caption a particular work is catchy, whether it immediately communicates the main theme in the literature or not. Well, I chose that title not because of that reason but because really I did not know what to caption this particular piece, maybe […]

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Allowing a male open the door for you to pass as a lady is not weakness as some people may say, neither is it egoistical on the part of the male, its just the thing to do for a lady. Usually, ladies who have problems with their male counterparts doing simple acts of politeness for […]