A God-Class Bae.

A God class bae is a reflection of God’s glory. Her worth is not based on possession, achievement, physical attractiveness, material things, or friends thought, her worth is based on being God’s image. No one can determine a God class bae’s worth, not even her sibling or friends. Her reasoning, creativity, speech and determination are […]

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Once upon a crush…

I paused for a split second and continued walking. No one would have noticed I paused, it was very very brief. My eyes rested for some seconds on the reason for this irregular motion, “it is her”, I heard my heart tell me as if trying to convince me that my eyes weren’t deceiving me. […]

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Girls, watch each others back!

Hello to you, how are you doing today? I’ve been pondering over a matter for a while now among other things due to some recent occurrences so I have decided to share what I think about the matter. Allow me take you back in time. We walked together to the church junction gisting about nothing […]

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