The Two Letter Word…

Looking back now, I believe it was quite logical for formal teaching to start of with pupils learning their A-Z, it seemed like all that mattered most then, only for it to turn out to be the building block for two letter words. That seemed thought at the beginning as we had to match ‘a’ […]

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What should I do?

Hello grandpa, If you have a friend that has been advising you to have a boyfriend at a very young age, what should you do? -anonymous Hello dear, Thank you for reaching grandpa. There are actually two (2) basic things in your question and I trust to answer based on the way it is written. […]

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RAPE Talk: #self-defence

Tonight, on our whatsapp group, we had a lecture on RAPE and we’ll be sharing with you in this post. Feel free to leave COMMENTS/QUESTIONS You can send ‘VOW’ to 08177054160 to be a part of our whatsapp community. *TOPIC: RAPE* Rape or any form of sexual assault is a sensitive issue. I have friends […]

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i am a weak vessel…by Tarie!

I’m a weak vessel, I cry over every little thing; even things that don’t require my tears. I’m a weak vessel. I’m a weak vessel; I am very smart but not encouraged because I’m a weak vessel. I’m a weak vessel; I celebrate whatever good thing that comes my way no matter how little. I’m […]

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Miley Cyrus: The Y-Junction

Have you ever been going somewhere you’ve not being in a while. The memory is quite vague but as you moved down the street, the road gets familiar until you come to a ‘Y’ junction. A ‘Y’ junction is quite different from a ‘T- junction. Erm…a ‘Y’ junction form the letter ‘Y’ while the ‘T’ […]

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