Women… We strive hard to be the best But then we might end up in a man’s house A lot of women fight over this Calling it lack of respect to women We are women We should be proud of who we are We might end up in a man’s house But we can develop […]

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Olajumoke’s Slate | My Only Adam

My Strength as a Woman is in my ability to Submit. I would be a weakling to run away from such strength. I won’t call myself a King. No. I see it as an insult to my being. I AM A QUEEN, and the King stands as my spokesman. He hears from me, and relays my words with authority to the world.

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Miley Cyrus: The Y-Junction

Have you ever been going somewhere you’ve not being in a while. The memory is quite vague but as you moved down the street, the road gets familiar until you come to a ‘Y’ junction. A ‘Y’ junction is quite different from a ‘T- junction. Erm…a ‘Y’ junction form the letter ‘Y’ while the ‘T’ […]

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Man Of My Dreams Reality…

I was having a group date with a number of ladies that I hold dear to my heart, and as our discussions shifted from trivials to really important things, we got talking about some deep things. When we got to the matter of choosing life partner, one of them asked me “Bro Lekan, ah ah! […]

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